Kindle Scout–Dying to Breathe–Day 14

Read seven sample chapters from Bryan Cassiday’s new thriller Dying to Breathe at Kindle Scout.

Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?

Is Professor Constance Barnes imagining she’s being stalked by a serial killer?  Is she paranoid because of psychological issues?  Or is she the next victim on a serial killer’s hit list?  

PI Ethan Carr must find out the truth in a web of lies that includes the FBI and the CIA.  Is even one person telling the truth?

The Kindle Scout campaign for Dying to Breathe is nearing the halfway point.  Now’s the time to cast your vote and help get Dying to Breathe land a publishing contract from Kindle Press.  If Dying to Breathe wins, everyone who nominated it gets a free e-book of this white-knuckle thriller.

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Kindle Scout–Day 8–Dying to Breathe

There’s no way of knowing how many people have nominated my thriller Dying to Breathe on Kindle Scout. On my campaign page I can see how many people actually visited my page and the origins of their visits. The page also shows other books that are being nominated by the people that have nominated my book. There are a couple of books listed there, so I know that at least one person, other than my humble self, nominated Dying to Breathe.

I don’t know the percentage of books that Kindle Scout selects to publish out of all of the books they approve for a campaign. I suspect it is small and that Kindle Scout receives many submissions. In other words, the odds against my book being selected for a publishing contract are long. But, if you think you’ll like my book, you can nominate it and reduce those odds in my favor.

There’s no guarantee that a Hot and Trending book, one that has garnered many nominations, will land a contract. But it can’t hurt. In the end, Kindle Scout editors decide which books they offer a contract to.

Dying to Breathe should appeal to fans of James Patterson’s Private series and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

You can read seven sample chapters of Dying to Breathe for free at Kindle Scout.

Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?

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Kindle Scout–Day 7–Dying to Breathe

My new psychological thriller Dying to Breathe still hasn’t landed on the Hot and Trending List at Kindle Scout.  Maybe a few more nominations will get it there.  There’s still time to nominate it.  The campaign lasts  thirty days.  Let your voice be heard.  You can help get my book offered a publishing contract by Kindle Scout.  All you need to do is nominate it at Kindle Scout.

Seven sample chapters are available for free reading at my Kindle Scout campaign page.

Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?

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Kindle Scout–Day 4

Kindle Scout has corrected the typo in my campaign for my thriller Dying to Breathe. Please visit my campaign page at Kindle Scout and check it out.

Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?

Find out the answer in my Ethan Carr thriller Dying to Breathe.  Sample chapters are available for reading at Kindle Scout.

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Kindle Scout Campaign–Day 3

We are now entering the third day of my Kindle Scout Campaign for my psychological thriller Dying to Breathe.  As of now, the editors there have still not corrected the tease for the book.  The tease should read:  Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?  Hopefully, they will correct the typo tomorrow.

Some pros and cons of Kindle Scout:


Your book gets publicity and you can let readers check out sample chapters.

There’s an advance of $1,500.00 if you are offered a contract for your book.

You, the author, can tell how many times a day your book’s campaign page was visited.


You have to provide your own cover.  If a legacy publisher was publishing your book, they would provide a cover.

The correcting of typos is very slow.  As long as the typos remain on your Kindle Scout Campaign page your campaign is, for all intents and purposes, sabotaged.

The one-line tease on the Kindle Scout Campaign page of my thriller Dying to Breathe should read:  Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?  Disregard the typo that’s in the one-liner now.

Check out Dying to Breathe at Kindle Scout.

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Experiences with Kindle Scout

I have submitted my new thriller Dying to Breathe to the Kindle Scout program.  The campaign began a couple of days ago.  The one drawback that I have encountered so far is that if you request the editing of a typo on your campaign page, it can take several days for the personnel at Kindle Scout to correct the typo.  Meanwhile, the typo is glaringly visible on your campaign page and can in no way help promote your book.

The tease on my Kindle Scout campaign page currently reads:  “Did the S&M just go too far or was it killed?”  Huh?  Killed?  The S&M was killed?  What moron wrote this book?This sentence, of course, makes no sense.  Would anybody in his right mind decide to check out a book with such an incomprehensible, unedited sentence?  Of course not.  You would suspect that the entire book must be just as badly written as the tease.

In an e-mail I requested Kindle Scout to correct the typo early yesterday morning (May 20), and so far the change has not been made.  May 20 was a Friday, so maybe I’ll have to wait till after the weekend is over for the edit to be made.  For those of you interested, the tease should read:  Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?  

The campaign lasts for thirty days.  Then the editors at Kindle Scout have fifteen days to decide whether they want to offer a publishing contract for $1,500 for the book.  The campaign page indicates to the author how many people have checked out the book and for how many hours the book was on the Hot and Trending List.  As of the time of this writing, to the surprise of no one (considering the tease), Dying to Breathe has not appeared on that list.  The campaign page does not indicate to the author how many nominations his book has received.

In any case, the tease should read:  Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?  And  here is the link to Dying to Breathe on Kindle Scout where you can read sample chapters.

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