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A serial killer seeking revenge against his former partner.

A young woman having a nervous breakdown.

A cop under pressure to make a bust.

The Me Too movement up in arms.

A city on the verge of a riot . . .

All of them swept up in a Riptide of Fear.

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Writers’ Views on Literary Theft

The dustup about whether A J Finn committed literary theft when he wrote his thriller Woman in the Window is nothing new.  Writers have been accused of stealing from other writers since the beginning of time.
T S Eliot once said that good writers borrow from other writers, but great writers steal from other writers.
Hemingway observed that it’s OK to steal from other writers as long as you make it better.
According to Alexandre Dumas, writers conquer and annex other writers’ territory.

The House That Jack Built review

Though it is relentlessly grim and terrifying, The House That Jack Built is still an important work of art, since neither grimness nor terror disqualifies a movie from being art.  It is a well-made horror movie by Lars von Trier about a serial killer and, ultimately, a morality tale.  Von Trier depicts the murders the killer commits in clinical, detached detail and they are chilling to watch.  Hitler and Mussolini are the killer’s icons, so be prepared to be unsettled.  Think American Psycho without the satire.