Ghislaine Maxwell Spotted in LA

Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted at an In ‘n’ Out Burger in LA reading The Book of Honor:  The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Officers, a nonfiction book about the CIA by Ted Gup. Now if you try to buy the paperback on Amazon, it’s out of stock because the book is flying up the charts. Isn’t it amazing how one little photograph in the paper can affect sales of a book? Could Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have had anything to do with the CIA? In any case, she’s probably here in LA to cut a movie deal in Hollywood about her life story.

Goodreads Giveaway of Bolt

Enter the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win a free advance e-book copy of Bryan Cassiday’s explosive new thriller Bolt.  A vacation in Cabo San Lucas turns into a nightmare for the Fox family after they return to California.

Bolt 2


Bolt–a thriller

Is her husband playing the field or is he trying to drive her mad with self-doubt and paranoia?

Power-broker Hollywood talent manager Lyndon Fox’s wife Deirdre hires epileptic LA private detective Scott Brody after a previous private detective she assigned to keep tabs on her husband’s suspected infidelity is killed in Cabo San Lucas when she and her husband vacation there. An unknown assailant stalks her after she returns home. A secretive FBI agent named Peltz tells Brody that Lyndon Fox is involved with a cabal burrowed inside the FBI who, with the help of the deep state, are conspiring to take down the president of the United States. Peltz wants Brody to help him obtain evidence to expose Fox, as assailants ramp up their terrorism of the Fox family. As Deirdre’s world collapses around her, she must find out the truth about who is responsible before she loses everything—including her life.

Available in paperback now at Amazon.

Bolt 2


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood–review

I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Not your typical Tarantino movie. It ain’t Pulp Fiction. It is what it says it is–a fable. Once upon a time . . . It’s a fable about Hollywood in the sixties, mostly about the TV shows that were on at the time. A lot of Westerns–like Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen and Lancer with James Stacy. I grew up on this stuff, and I enjoyed the nostalgic trip down memory lane. I’m of two minds about the ending. But I guess it had to end the way it did, since it’s a fable. I get the impression this may be Tarantino’s last movie, and he wants to move on.

The movie takes place at the end of the sixties, a time when things were changing in Tinsel Town–especially for Rick Dalton, the actor who is the main character. It’s the age of Charles Manson and the hippies. Counterculture movies like Easy Rider with its hippie drug-dealer stars would replace Westerns and TV shows like The FBI, one of Dalton’s favorite shows, putting Dalton out of business.

There’s some wisdom in the view that that hot August night in 1969 on Cielo Drive when the Manson family staged their brutal attack on movie-star Sharon Tate was the night that changed Hollywood forever.