The BookLife Prize on Electric Green Mambas

ELECTRIC GREEN MAMBAS received a glowing review from The BookLife Prize: “Cassiday’s alluring, cult-centered storyline offers brisk pacing and unexpected developments . . . From Mensa to voodoo to Nazis, Cassiday keeps readers engrossed in the unfolding mystery.”

Bryan Cassiday’s new Scott Brody thriller Electric Green Mambas is available for preorder now at Amazon. Electric Green Mambas will be released on November 22, 2021.

Electric Green Mambas

A serial killer recalling the likes of Charles Manson stalks LA.

The victims have one thing in common. They are all members of the board of directors at the LA branch of Mensa.

The savagery of the murders has the city on edge.

Evelyn Martin thinks her brother Tyler, an aeronautical engineer in Mensa who has gone missing, will be next on the killer’s hit list.

She hires Scott Brody PI to find Tyler, who she fears might be dead.

As Brody conducts his search, he keeps discovering victims of the serial killer who leaves clues connecting the murders to a hopped-up cult that collects Nazi memorabilia and worships Li Grande Zombi, a voodoo snake god.

Meanwhile, Brody suspects the serial killer has cast a voodoo curse on him to keep him from accomplishing his mission by inducing in him ghastly hallucinations. Brody must separate fact from fiction to arrive at the shocking truth.

Will Brody find Tyler in time to save Tyler’s life? Or will Brody become another victim of the serial killer?

ELECTRIC GREEN MAMBAS by award-winning author Bryan Cassiday will be released on November 22, 2021. Available for preorder now at Amazon.

To Live and Die in LA review

A brilliant neo-noir film directed by William Friedkin, To Live and Die in LA is right up there with the best of his works, including The French Connection, Sorcerer, and The Exorcist. The script by Gerald Petievich, who wrote the novel, and Friedkin crackles with cynical wit as the cops use and double-cross the criminals, and the criminals return the favor to further their own ends. The action and manic energy of the film never flag, aided by Wang Chung’s propulsive score.

As is noir’s wont, To Live and Die in LA has a fatalistic ending with all of the characters trapped in their own predetermined nightmarish lives with no hope of escape, as if they are driving the wrong way on a one-way freeway ramp, a scene well depicted in the film.

2021 American Fiction Award Winner in Horror

I am pleased to announce that my novel Horde (Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series Book 6) won the 2021 American Fiction Award for Best Horror novel.

2021 American Fiction Award

2021 American Fiction Award goes to HORDE in the category of Horror: General

I am well and truly gobsmacked that my post-apocalyptic horror thriller Horde (Chad Halverson Series Book 6) just won the 2021 American Fiction Award in the category of Horror: General. Yabba dabba doo.

Five-star review for Electric Green Mambas

Electric Green Mambas is a psychologically affecting thriller that will entertain readers who enjoy solid characters and a serpentine plot. The twists are manifold, and readers have no idea what will happen next in the story.”–Readers’ Favorite¬†

Available for preorder at Amazon.

Goodreads giveaway of Electric Green Mambas

Enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a chance to win an e-book ARC of Bryan Cassiday’s upcoming thriller Electric Green Mambas, a nerve-shredding psychological thriller about a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles.

Goodreads Giveaway of Electric Green Mambas

Enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a chance to win an ARC e-book of Bryan Cassiday’s propulsive new psychological thriller with occult overtones about a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles–Electric Green Mambas.