Joker rocks

I’m late to this party.  I finally saw Joker.  Wow.  Powerful movie.  It really puts you through the wringer.  Great.  How does Joachim Phoenix not win the Oscar?  For a comic book movie, it struck me as being very realistic.  My problem with comic book movies is they are unbelievable.  Joker reminds me more of Scorcese’s Taxi Driver than a comic book movie.  The Oscar nomination for the director Todd Phillips is well deserved.

Salma Hayek best dressed at Golden Globes 2019

Best dressed at the Golden Globes 2019. The award goes to Salma Hayek in her Gucci outfit. The understated outfit doesn’t compete with Salma’s natural beauty. The simple lines of her outfit accentuate rather than conflict with Salma’s beauty. Her turquoise earrings pick up the turquoise in her blouse. Her plunging neckline is artfully and flirtatiously terminated before it hits her navel, revealing a circle of flesh. The white of her skirt brings out the subdued turquoise of her blouse and focuses your attention upward. Notice the turquoise is neither too bright nor too gaudy to detract from Salma’s exceptional beauty. Salma steals the show at Golden Globes.

Five-Star Review of Bolt from a Goodreads Reader

Thanks to Goodreads for the five-star review of my new thriller Bolt.  

“This was a great whodunit that kept me gripped til the end.
Really well written plot and storyline that was very engaging.”–Goodreads Reader

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Bolt 2


Bryan Cassiday to attend Bouchercon 2020 in Sacramento, CA

Bryan Cassiday, author of the action-packed thriller Bolt, will be attending Bouchercon 2020, the place to be for crime fiction writers and aficionados.  The convention starts in Sacrament, CA, on October 15 and ends on October 18.  Buy Bolt on Amazon Kindle now.

Bolt 2


I saw Scorcese’s Irishman on Netflix and I liked it.  I didn’t watch the entire 3 1/2 hours of it in one night.  I watched it over the course of four days, but, even so, I fell asleep in it several times because it is deliberately paced.  In fact, I missed so much of it that I watched it over again and found out that I had missed some of the best parts.

Even though it’s very long, it’s a fascinating study of mobsters and their interaction with unions and politicians, namely the Teamsters union and President John F. Kennedy.  According to the movie, the Chicago Mafia thought by helping Kennedy get elected president he would return the favor by enabling them to reopen their casinos in Cuba.  But it wasn’t to be.  Instead, his brother Bobby, appointed as attorney general, turned up the heat on the Mafia–and Hoffa, as well.  How this all plays out is fascinating to watch.