Cutthroat Express Gets Rave Review

The Rotting Zombie Blogspot gave Cutthroat Express a great review, giving it eight zombie heads out of ten.

A serial killer/necrophiliac, a cannibal, a cop killer, and Special Forces take on the zombie apocalypse in award-winning author Bryan Cassiday’s bloodcurdling thriller Cutthroat Express, book 7 of his Zombie Apocalypse: Chad Halverson Series.

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A serial killer, a cop killer, and a cannibal on death row volunteer for a suicide mission to save America during the zombie apocalypse.

“In Cutthroat Express Bryan Cassiday takes his zombie epic to the next level.”–Bestsellersworld

Bestsellersworld Review for Cutthroat Express

Cutthroat Express

By Bryan Cassiday

Review By: Daniel Ryan Johnson for Bestsellersworld

In Cutthroat Express, Bryan Cassiday takes his zombie epic to the next level. In the aftermath of President Cole going completely off the rails and nuking himself, Chad Halverson and the other survivors at the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center are left facing nuclear fallout in addition to the continued threat of the zombie hordes.

With the arrival of a stranger promising the existence of a cure, the new president enlists Halverson and a rag-tag group, including four hardened criminals, to go out into the zombie-infested nuclear wasteland and bring back the cure. With threats to Halverson and his team coming from every direction, Cassiday once again aims to show that the most difficult obstacle for society to overcome is most often humanity itself.

With the odds stacked against them, mistrust between the convicts and the rest of the team frequently poses a far greater risk to their survival than any external threat. From start to finish Cutthroat Express is filled with tension. After everything that has happened, it is no surprise that all the characters appear to be at the breaking point. As the challenges faced by Halverson and his team continue to mount, it becomes more and more difficult to believe they will be able to accomplish their seemingly impossible task.

In Cutthroat Express, the characters are constantly jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. As the dangers grow, betrayals begin to mount, and the tension continues to build. Cassiday does a great job of keeping the reader on edge. The harsh and biting dialogue, combined with the constant assault from the undead and dead alike, works to keep the reader from getting too comfortable in this cruel world.

Cutthroat Express keeps the audience engaged. With every new twist and turn it becomes harder and harder to put the book down. This action-packed narrative is a quick read that will keep you turning the pages. Every chapter leaves you curious about the next. Cassiday’s zombie apocalypse series continues to hit the mark in the latest installment. By the end of the novel, you will be eager to discover what comes next for Chad Halverson in this world of the damned.

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Reader Views Five-star Review for Cutthroat Express

Cutthroat Express just got a five-star review from Reader Views.

“Having read several books in the Zombie Apocalypse: Chad Halverson Series, I found Cutthroat Express to be my favorite.”–Reader Views

Available now on Kindle.

Review of God’s Crooked Lines

I saw God’s Crooked Lines on Netflix. This is an interesting murder mystery set inside an insane asylum. A woman who is committed to the institution claims she is a private detective investigating a patient’s death that occurred there. She says her client told her the patient was murdered. The director of the asylum thinks she is insane. This is a very clever murder mystery. The only part I’m not keen on is the twist ending. I’m not sure it makes sense. Otherwise, it’s quite well done.


Review of The Domestics

The Domestics, a violent film directed by Mike Nelson, is a solid postapocalyptic thriller. It doesn’t have zombies, but civilization has disintegrated into factions of vicious gangs that amuse themselves by assaulting and torturing each other. The movie may not have zombies, but it does have cannibals. Catch it on Tubi.

New Release

12.20.22. It’s Mad Max on steroids. Cutthroat Express, book 7 in Bryan Cassiday’s riveting Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series. In a last-ditch stand, hunkered down in a bunker, the president dispatches a team of volunteers on a suicide mission to save humanity.

In exchange for presidential pardons during a raging zombie apocalypse in the nuke-devastated wasteland of the USA, a serial killer, a cannibal, a cop killer, and a murderer volunteer to go on a suicide mission spearheaded by an elite cadre of Special Forces operatives, including CIA black ops agent Chad Halverson, to obtain the vaccine for the zombie plague.

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