Experiences with Kindle Scout

I have submitted my new thriller Dying to Breathe to the Kindle Scout program.  The campaign began a couple of days ago.  The one drawback that I have encountered so far is that if you request the editing of a typo on your campaign page, it can take several days for the personnel at Kindle Scout to correct the typo.  Meanwhile, the typo is glaringly visible on your campaign page and can in no way help promote your book.

The tease on my Kindle Scout campaign page currently reads:  “Did the S&M just go too far or was it killed?”  Huh?  Killed?  The S&M was killed?  What moron wrote this book?This sentence, of course, makes no sense.  Would anybody in his right mind decide to check out a book with such an incomprehensible, unedited sentence?  Of course not.  You would suspect that the entire book must be just as badly written as the tease.

In an e-mail I requested Kindle Scout to correct the typo early yesterday morning (May 20), and so far the change has not been made.  May 20 was a Friday, so maybe I’ll have to wait till after the weekend is over for the edit to be made.  For those of you interested, the tease should read:  Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?  

The campaign lasts for thirty days.  Then the editors at Kindle Scout have fifteen days to decide whether they want to offer a publishing contract for $1,500 for the book.  The campaign page indicates to the author how many people have checked out the book and for how many hours the book was on the Hot and Trending List.  As of the time of this writing, to the surprise of no one (considering the tease), Dying to Breathe has not appeared on that list.  The campaign page does not indicate to the author how many nominations his book has received.

In any case, the tease should read:  Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?  And  here is the link to Dying to Breathe on Kindle Scout where you can read sample chapters.

dying to breathe 1 cover

Game Plan

For my next book, which is an apocalyptic science-fiction thriller, I am going to do things a bit different than I’ve been doing.  I’ve been self-publishing my zombie books and haven’t been submitting them to agents beforehand.  (My new book is not a zombie book, by the way.)  This time around, I will send queries to a score of agents that handle apocalyptic thrillers to see if they would like to represent my newest novel.  If they show no interest, all is not lost.  I will self-publish.  The book is ready to go.  It only needs to be proofed, which I will do when the time comes.

I started e-mailing queries to literary agents over a month ago and have received a few e-mails in return expressing lack of excitement on their part.  Many agents say they will not respond unless interested.  It doesn’t look encouraging.  I expect I will not hear from the majority of them that I have sent to.  I’m not going to wait a year to hear from them, though.  If I haven’t heard from them in a month, I’m writing them off.  These gatekeepers are not going to prevent my book from being published.

My book will get published, regardless of the opinions of certain agents.