Kindle Scout–Dying to Breathe–Day 14

Read seven sample chapters from Bryan Cassiday’s new thriller Dying to Breathe at Kindle Scout.

Did the S&M just go too far or was it murder?

Is Professor Constance Barnes imagining she’s being stalked by a serial killer?  Is she paranoid because of psychological issues?  Or is she the next victim on a serial killer’s hit list?  

PI Ethan Carr must find out the truth in a web of lies that includes the FBI and the CIA.  Is even one person telling the truth?

The Kindle Scout campaign for Dying to Breathe is nearing the halfway point.  Now’s the time to cast your vote and help get Dying to Breathe land a publishing contract from Kindle Press.  If Dying to Breathe wins, everyone who nominated it gets a free e-book of this white-knuckle thriller.

dying to breathe 1 cover