Wrapping up My Latest Crime Thriller

I think I’ve finished writing my latest crime thriller. I’ve read it over about ten times. I think it’s in good shape now. I’m getting to the point where I’ve almost memorized it. I believe I’ve reached saturation point. To read it again would not be beneficial at this point. When I read something over and over to the extent that I become bored, it’s accomplishing nothing because I’m not paying attention. Time to move on to the next book

Free Thriller on Kindle

Bryan Cassiday’s shocking crime thriller Force of Impact is free today only on Kindle.

BestThrillers.com calls Force of Impact “a potent shot of contemporary LA noir that will have readers hooked from page one.  Fans of Dennis Lehane and James Ellroy will love Force of Impact.”

“A fast-paced detective novel enhanced by exceptional characters and a striking
ending.”–Kirkus Reviews  

Daenerys Dragon Lady

You’d have to have ice water in your veins not to enjoy Daenerys morphing from sweetie pie to psycho killer as she launches a dragon apocalypse on Cersei Lannister’s castle and fries all the townsfolk.

It just goes to show power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Let’s face it, folks, this episode of Game of Thrones “The Bells” was a hoot.

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Riptide of Fear available now on Kindle

A serial killer seeking revenge against his former partner.

A young woman having a nervous breakdown.

A cop under pressure to make a bust.

The Me Too movement up in arms.

A city on the verge of a riot . . .

All of them swept up in a Riptide of Fear.

Buy Riptide of Fear by Bryan Cassiday on Kindle.

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