Mission Impossible Fallout equals explosive action

I know I’m late to the party, but I finally got a chance to see Mission Impossible Fallout.

This is the first movie I’ve seen in a Dolby Theater. It was a little more expensive, but worth it because of the quality of the picture and the sound, especially the sound. Fallout is a great action-packed movie. Has to be one of the best–if not the best–of the Tom Cruise series. I recommend it highly. I’m glad I finally got to see it before it left the theaters. If you get a chance, watch it in a Dolby Theater. For my money, it intensifies the moviegoing experience with vibrant images and equally vibrant sound.  I can’t wait for the next MI to come out, hopefully with the same outstanding director and writer–Christopher McQuarrie.  And, of course, Tom Cruise.

The Accountant review

The Accountant is an intricate thriller with an assassin who isn’t your garden-variety mass murderer.  He is autistic and he also happens to be an accountant.  Some of his clients include Mafia capos and various other criminal bosses.  Ben Affleck is good as the accountant who can’t express his feelings to other people because of his autism.  Even though he’s emotionally handicapped, he is a whiz at math and killing people.  It’s a good story idea having an autistic killer but perhaps overdone.  A bit too maudlin for my sake with the autistic children scenes, it nevertheless has plenty of action and plenty of story to hold the interest and has a nice twist near the end.  But who was that woman who assigned the accountant his jobs over the phone?  Maybe they’ll make a sequel to fill us in.

I recommend this action-packed thriller.  Why doesn’t Hollywood make more thrillers for adults like this?  Then I could go to the movies more often.