The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 1

Did the graphic violence in the premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead go beyond the pale?  To my mind, the head bashing seemed to go on a tad too long.  I don’t know if we needed to see the endless pounding of the victim’s head into a bloody pulp.  How many times did the leather-jacketed Jeffrey Dean Morgan have to pummel the guy’s head with a bat wrapped in barbed wire to prove what a heel he is?  On the other hand, nobody can deny this episode was one of the most powerful and gripping ever shown on the series.

Even while heads were being pulverized into red paste and eyes were popping out of smashed heads (“Doesn’t that hurt?”), I needed to keep watching, transfixed by the gore. For the most part, it wasn’t violence for the sake of violence.  It seemed rooted into the story and revealed the villain’s brutal character.  I’m of two minds.  I believe the show worked.  However, the graphic violence probably went on a little longer than necessary.

Hollywood Gets It Wrong–Again

So what else is new?  The Emmys snubbed “The Walking Dead,” granting them no nominations.  It just goes to show zombies get no respect in Tinsel Town.  This is one of the most popular shows on TVs, in fact it’s number one with the coveted 18-to-49-year-old bracket, and it gets shut out by the Emmys.  Who are these people who vote for these awards?  Do they resemble the rest of us?  Or do they live in hermetically sealed palaces in Bel Air and Beverly Hills?  Can’t they recognize a good show when they see it?  Or does it have to bite them?  I’ve got news for the Emmys:  zombies have teeth.