“Boxed”–Zombie Short Story Free on Kindle 1/20–1/22/15

Bryan Cassiday’s terrifying zombie short story “Boxed” is free 1/20/15 thru 1/22/15 on Kindle at Amazon. “Boxed” is currently number 5 on the Kindle free sci-fi list.  Seven people are trapped in an elevator with a zombie that hasn’t turned yet.  Who is it?  Who will survive?

Horror Society Stories Volume One

It looks like the horror anthology Horror Society Stories Volume One will be released at the end of November or at the beginning of December 2013.  My zombie story “The Invisible Enemy” will be included in this book.  As soon as I know the exact date of publication I’ll let you know.  Here’s a preview of the book cover.

New Zombie Short Story

Here’s the cover for my new zombie short story “Boxed,” which sill soon be on Kindle. This is a brand-new horror story that has never before appeared anywhere in print.  As a special bonus, at the end of the story will be the terrifying first chapter of Chad Halverson, Book 5.

Zombie Flash Fiction by Bryan Cassiday



Bryan Cassiday

I know that I am different from everyone else.  I know that I can never sleep, dream, feel anything for anyone.

The only thing I feel is hunger, a gnawing hunger that never dies, hunger that consumes me as well as every living thing I eat and the blood I drink from their pumping hearts.


Copyright 2013 by Bryan Cassiday


New Zombie Short Story on Kindle–The Zombie and the Chess Master

Bryan Cassiday has a new zombie short story and more on Kindle for only 99 cents on Amazon.  Included are three sample chapters from Sanctuary in Steel.  The chess master meets his match in “The Zombie and the Chess Master” by Bryan Cassiday, the author of the new zombie novel Sanctuary in Steel (available in paperback and on Kindle).