Kill Ratio Coming Soon!

Kill Ratio, the highly anticipated fourth book in Bryan Cassiday’s Chad Halverson dystopian zombie apocalypse series, will be released on July 9, 2013.  Does it all end here?  Kill Ratio is available for preorder at Amazon.

Meanwhile, you can read the three previous Chad Halverson zombie books–Zombie Maelstrom, Zombie Necropolis, and Sanctuary in Steel.

Read the First Two Chapters of “Kill Ratio” on Amazon Now

The first two chapters of Bryan Cassiday’s dystopian thriller Kill Ratio are now available for reading on Amazon. The plague is wiping out the human race, turning everyone into flesh-eating ghouls.  The end of America is near . . .

Iain McKinnon Praises “Sanctuary in Steel”

Sanctuary in Steel made me feel like I did the first time I watched Romero.  Fresh, exciting and engaging like any outbreak story should be.”–Iain McKinnon, author of Domain of the Dead

Sanctuary in Steel is now available at Amazon.