“Zombie Necropolis” Is Now an Audiobook

Bryan Cassiday’s Zombie Necropolis is now an audiobook available at Audible.com.  Zombie Necropolis is the second book in the Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse series.


Audiobooks of “Kill Ratio” and “Zombie Necropolis”

We’ve just wrapped up production of my two apocalyptic audiobooks Kill Ratio and Zombie Necropolis.  Both of these dystopian audiobooks should be available at Audible.com in three weeks, or hopefully less.  I’ll let you know as soon as I know when these two zombie shockers are available as audiobooks.

The trade paperback and Kindle versions of Kill Ratio will also be available on July 9, 2013, at Amazon.

New Cover for the “Zombie Necropolis” Audiobook

Here’s the first look at the new cover for Bryan Cassiday’s audiobook version of Zombie Necropolis. The audiobook will be available in the summer.

The Rise of Zombie Noir

September 9, 2012

The term noir used to refer to crime fiction and movies with cynical characters, bleak settings, and a pervading atmosphere of gloom and entrapment.

There aren’t any crime thrillers these days that convey such desolation and hopelessness. Instead it is the zombie apocalypse genre of books and film that can best be described by the term noir.

In the zombie apocalypse genre, society has collapsed or is in the midst of collapsing. Characters are so cynical that they turn against each other at the drop of a hat in order to survive.  And the outlook of society is an oppressive hopelessness.

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is a textbook example of zombie noir. Zombies are overruning the world and devouring humans.  A band of surviving humans make their last stand against the zombies in a deserted house.

While battling the zombies, the characters fight against themselves as well, and, in the end, the characters are all wiped out.  Ironically, the last survivor in the house is shot and killed by vigilante humans who blow him away thinking him a zombie.

Night of the Living Dead is classic film noir, and it’s not even a crime thriller. Contemporary films like 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later continue the tradition of zombie noir in the movies.

When it comes to hopelessness, a bleak desolate environment, and cynical desperate characters, nothing can compare to the zombie apocalypse genre.  Hence the popularity and rise of zombie noir during these days of a sluggish economy.

Five-star Review for “Zombie Necropolis”

Check out the five-star review on Amazon for Bryan Cassiday’s zombie apocalypse thriller Zombie Necropolis. The title of the review says it all–“What a Book!”

And if you haven’t yet read the first book in the series, read Zombie Maelstrom.  Or better yet, read Zombie Maelstrom first.  It’s not necessary to read the books in order, but it might help.


“Zombie Necropolis” on Zombie Hub

Zombie Necropolis by Bryan Cassiday is now listed on ZombieHub.

Only 7 more days till Zombie Necropolis!  Available for preorder now on Amazon.