Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series now has its own page

Bryan Cassiday’s shocking zombie boxed set Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series now has its own Web page.  The novel is fiction, the horror is real.  Fast and furious zombie action.  Check it out.

The Audiobook edition of Zombie Maelstrom will be available soon

The audiobook edition of Bryan Cassiday’s zombie epic Zombie Maelstrom will be available soon.  Zombie Maelstrom is the first book in the Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse series.  Hopefully it will be ready in time for Halloween!

1228 Bryan Cassiday ACX cover ZOMBIE MAELSTROM_2

“Kill Ratio” Mentioned in “The Daily Dead”

Bryan Cassiday’s new dystopian zombie thriller Kill Ratio got a mention in The Daily Dead today underneath the article about Guillermo del Toro.  Official release date for the Kindle version of Kill Ratio is July 9.  Here’s the link to the article in The Daily Dead.

The trade paperback version of Kill Ratio is already available on Amazon.

“Kill Ratio” Available Now for Preorder!

The fourth Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse book Kill Ratio is now available for preorder at Amazon. The book will be released July 9, 2013.

The insanity of the zombie apocalypse is in full swing.

CIA black ops agent Chad Halverson decides to head to Washington, DC, to find out if anyone is still in charge as the nation teeters on the brink of collapse and succumbs to the plague, even though he knows someone in the government is trying to kill him.

Halverson and fellow refugees Victoria Brady, Blackfoot Chogan, and Emma Lawson become trapped in Las Vegas by General Quantrill, who runs the strip with an iron hand.

Meanwhile, in the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Virginia, President Cole must decide whether to start nuking his own country in order to save it from the zombies.

Raves for Bryan Cassiday’s Chad Halverson zombie book Sanctuary in Steel:

“Cassiday blends thoughtful suspense and pulse-pounding terror to deliver a novel with both bite and creeping dread.”–David Dunwoody, author of Empire and The Harvest Cycle

“Written with the epic scope of World War Z and infused with the gritty spook works derring-do of a Robert Ludlum spy thriller, Sanctuary in Steel is full of zombie mayhem through and through.”–Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Dead City



“Kill Ratio” Zombie Book Cover

Here’s a sneak preview of the book cover for Bryan Cassiday’s newest Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse book Kill Ratio.  Kill Ratio is due to be released on July 9, 2013.

Available for preorder at Amazon.


New Zombie Apocalypse Book “Kill Ratio”

Bryan Cassiday’s newest Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse book Kill Ratio will be released on July 9, 2013.  It is already available for preorder at Amazon.

As soon as the cover design is available I will post it here.

New Chad Halverson Zombie Book in 2013

It’s official.  The next book in Bryan Cassiday’s Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse series will be released later this year.  When I know the exact date, I will let you know.  Keep checking back with this blog for further details.