World War Z as a Movie

I hope the author who wrote the screenplay adaptation of Max Brooks’s novel World War Z did a significant rewrite.  The book had no main character, and, without a hero for viewers to empathize with, I don’t believe it would translate into a successful movie.

I’ve heard reports from people who have seen the movie that the zombies don’t shamble or run.  Instead, they sort of leap like insects.  I have no way of verifying these reports, since I haven’t seen the movie.  If these reports are true, it would add another zombie mutation to the movies.

In Hollywood, zombies started out as slow and lumbering like the ones in Victor Halperin’s White Zombie (1932).  They didn’t eat people.  They blundered around in a trance and followed the orders of their evil master Bela Lugosi.  And then, over thirty years later, in 1968, George Romero’s classic lumbering flesh-eating zombies evolved.  It wasn’t until over thirty more years later in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002) that film zombies became cannibals that could run.

A lurching, leaping, insectlike zombie might turn out to be pretty scary.  We’ll just have to wait and see.