Audiobook for Countdown to Death

The audiobook edition of Bryan Cassiday’s noir thriller Countdown to Death should be available for purchase some time in March.  The narrator is D. G. Chichester, who also did Zombie Maelstrom and Two Moons Rising.

1420 Bryan Cassiday ACX cover COUNTDOWN TO DEATH

Novelist Vince Flynn Dead at 47

I can’t believe Vince Flynn is dead.  He was so young.  I have read every single one of his thrillers and was eagerly awaiting the next one.

I feel like I know him, even though I never met him.  He was an inspiration to me as an author.  You see, Vince Flynn didn’t manage to get his first book Term Limits published by one of the giant New York publishing houses, even though he tried.  His political views didn’t jibe with the eastern liberal media’s.  He didn’t let the rejections crush his spirit. After sixty rejection letters, he decided to self-publish his book.  The sales of his first book put Vince Flynn’s name on the map, and, then, of course, all the New York publishers wanted a piece of him.  As the saying goes, nothing succeeds like success. Political views be damned.

The point is that Flynn didn’t let himself become demoralized by the publishers’ rejections of his book.  Vince Flynn should serve as an inspiration to all self-published authors.  I, for one, as a self-published author, have nothing but admiration for Vince Flynn.  Vince Flynn was a fine storyteller who could pen a page-turning thriller with the best of them.  He has been compared to Robert Ludlum and Brad Thor.  What really matters about Vince Flynn, though, is his spirit.  He didn’t allow the New York publishing power brokers to crush his creative drive.  He continued writing, in spite of them.  His Consent to Kill is still one of my favorite thrillers.

Even though I never met the man, I’m going to miss Vince Flynn.