Damien on TV

I’ve been watching the TV series Damien.  It’s based on the classic horror movie The Omen, which starred Gregory Peck as an ambassador and the father of the Antichrist Damien.  In that movie Peck finds out that Damien isn’t really his son, who was killed by Satanists and replaced by the evil Damien, son of Satan, to grow up in Peck’s household.

As a TV series, Damien isn’t bad.  It has its share of horrific scenes.  But Damien, for some inexplicable reason, is a nice guy.  In a recent episode he saved a child from being run over by a speeding locomotive.  It seems out of character for the Antichrist to be saving children.  But that’s the premise of the TV series.  Damien is the reluctant Antichrist.  He doesn’t want to grow up to be evil, even if Barbara Hershey, his protector, encourages him to assume his true role in life–as Satan’s son.  She serves as his psychologist.  She understands his true identity, even if he, as yet, doesn’t.

I don’t know how long Damien can continue to be nice.  After all, this is the kid on his tricycle who crashed into his mother and knocked her over a balustrade down to the first floor in their mansion, where she broke her back and leg and ended up in traction in the hospital.  Now how could such an evil brat grow up to be a nice guy who saves children from being run over by trains?

It remains to be seen whether Damien will become more evil as the show progresses. Certainly, anybody who annoys him or attacks him meets with a horrible death.  His attackers tend to be members of a religious order that use special knives to try to kill him.  These relic knives were introduced in the original movie directed by Richard Donner.  Peck tried to kill Damien with one not long after he watched David Warner lose his head.  Like anybody else, Damien has the moral right to defend himself from being murdered, and, since he’s acting in self-defense, he could still be considered a good guy.

I like the creepy atmosphere that this show has, enhanced by the Satanic choir singing in the background accompanied by frenetic organ music, which worked to the same effect in the movie.  Created by Glen Mazzara, this show has potential, and I will continue watching it to see if Damien will become more evil.  Don’t forget, this guy is the Antichrist.