Murder LLC will be released on June 9

Bryan Cassiday’s heart-pounding new conspiracy thriller Murder LLC will be released on Kindle on June 9, 2020.  Available for preorder now on Kindle.

“A bracing page-turner with an unconventional hero.”–Kirkus Reviews

Murder LLC is now available for preorder

Bryan Cassiday’s newest conspiracy thriller Murder LLC is now available for preorder on Kindle.

An LA private investigator seeks a missing person in Las Vegas and becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy to oust the president of the United States.

Here’s the new cover reveal:

Moving Target B Final

“The Kill Option” Is Now Available as an Audiobook

Bryan Cassiday’s conspiracy thriller The Kill Option is now available as an audiobook on Just search for The Kill Option and click on the link.

In the explosive international thriller The Kill Option, the feuding McQueen brothers must band together to prevent the apocalypse of World War III.  One brother, Nick, is a journalist who seeks the truth.  The other, Barry, is a CIA hit man who leads a double life. The two brothers must come to terms long enough to thwart a Basque hit man who has been hired in Paris to trigger the war to end all wars.  The brothers discover that the assassin is merely a pawn in a ruthless grab for power by a supranational cabal that wants a certain world leader killed at a summit in Pike National Forest in Colorado and has both brothers in its crosshairs as well.



“Fete of Death” Now on Kindle

Bryan Cassiday’s unputdownable spy thriller Fete of Death is now available on Kindle for the first time at Amazon.

A California senator is brutally slain.  But that is only the beginning of the increasingly macabre murders of members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The CIA hire their termination specialist, Tyrone Quade, an ex-Weathermen infiltrator and current jailbird, to find the killer.  Quade has to be pardoned from federal prison in Los Angeles, where he is doing time for blowing up a passenger jet–a charge he denies.

In his search for the killer, be becomes a target for Mafia henchmen and a Colombian cocaine cartel, among others, and starts to doubt his own innocence and even his sanity as his investigation keeps spiraling him back to his alleged bombing of the jet.

To his consternation, Quade discovers a covert trail that leads him to the upper echelons of the United States government, where an unholy alliance will do anything it takes to prevent him from uncovering the truth.


“The Kill Option” #1 in France in Spy Stories and Intrigue

Today, Bryan Cassiday’s spy thriller The Kill Option reached #1 in France in the category of free spy stories and intrigue for Kindle.

The Kill Option #1 in Men’s Adventure

Bryan Cassiday’s CIA action thriller The Kill Option today is ranked #2 in free men’s adventure fiction and #4 in spy stories and intrigue on Kindle at Amazon.  The Kill Option is free for Kindle for today only at Amazon.

Five-Star Review for “The Anaconda Complex”

Read the new five-star book review for The Anaconda Complex on Amazon.  Midwest Book Review calls The Anaconda Complex “a unique and much recommended pick for thriller readers.”  See Amazon.