Crime Blotter USA

Bryan Cassiday’s new collection of crime fiction Crime Blotter USA will be released later this year on Kindle.

A woman wakes up in a pitch-black coffin hearing rats scampering on the lid. When she tries to scream, she realizes she is paralyzed and suffocating in “Scream, Cecelia, Scream.”

A Hollywood hooker is assaulted by a corrupt cop. Who can she turn to for help when even the police don’t want to investigate her accusation in “The Strip”?

An architect’s bank closes his account because he is deceased in “Account Closed.”

These are just a few of the brutal crime stories set in Los Angeles, where the streets are hard, the sun is merciless, the atmosphere is bleak noir, and violent death is only a heartbeat away. Where the only sin is not fighting for survival–no matter what the cost and who must die.

Crime Blotter cover

Five Coffins for Halloween on Kindle

Bryan Cassiday’s new collection of never-before-published horror stories Five Coffins for Halloween is now available on Kindle.  You don’t have to wait till Halloween to read it. Five spine-chilling stories that feature the various faces of evil, including witches, zombies, ghosts, serial killers, and haunted masks.


Alien Assault to be an audiobook

Alien Assault, Bryan Cassiday’s collection of science-fiction short stories, will soon be released as an audiobook. Horrifying sci-fi stories with an edge narrated by D.G. Chichester.
Alien Assault front cover copy 2 mb

Bryan Cassiday Translated into French

Bryan Cassiday’s horror short story “A Way Out” is being translated into French and will be published in the May/June 2015 edition of the anthology Tenebres. “A Way Out” first appeared in the American horror anthology Comes a Chopper published in 2014 available at Amazon.

New Science Fiction Anthology

My new collection of apocalyptic science-fiction stories will be released in November 2014. It will soon be available for preorder on Kindle.  None of these short stories have ever been published before.