Five Coffins for Halloween on Kindle

Bryan Cassiday’s new collection of never-before-published horror stories Five Coffins for Halloween is now available on Kindle.  You don’t have to wait till Halloween to read it. Five spine-chilling stories that feature the various faces of evil, including witches, zombies, ghosts, serial killers, and haunted masks.


The Problem with Zombies

The zombie can never be underestimated.  There are many reasons for its fearsomeness.

First off, the zombie’s appetite is insatiable.  No matter how much the zombie eats, it can never be satisfied.  It is condemned to feed eternally.  Not only that, the zombie has no interest in anything whatsoever besides eating.  It is the ultimate eating machine.

The zombie doesn’t care about property or procreation; it must eat, eat, eat.  It can never glut its all-consuming lust for human flesh and, for its favorite dish, human brains.

Unlike humans, the zombie doesn’t respect property.  Since the zombie doesn’t own property (or desire to), it doesn’t respect the property of others.  Nor does the zombie care to reproduce.  The urge to procreate doesn’t drive it.  In fact, the only thing the zombie has in common with humans is its need for food.

The zombie doesn’t need to sleep, giving it one step up on humans.  The zombie can go 24/7 forever.  Its lack of need for sleep is not the zombie’s greatest advantage over humans.  The zombie’s trump card, so to speak, is its sheer weight of numbers.  Think about it.  The dead will always outnumber the living.  This, indeed, is the most terrifying characteristic of the zombie.  The zombie can multiply exponentially.  For every living human, how many humans are dead and buried?  These same dead and buried can become zombies in minutes.  The numbers boggle the mind.

Not only do zombies have the potential to outnumber living humans, they are also contagious.  Their bite will turn a living human into one of the soldiers of the legions of the undead.  Zombies are a walking pox.