Bolt–a thriller

–A punctilious FBI agent obsessed with a conspiracy

–A Hollywood power-broker’s wife entangled in a web of suspicion about her husband

–A cartel boss craving love who enjoys being whipped by gorgeous women and torturing his enemies

–An ‘Ndrangheta hit man who worships beauty and death

–An epileptic PI contending with self-doubt

They all come together in Bryan Cassiday’s scathing, paranoid, page-turning thriller Bolt.

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Bolt–first five chapters Free

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Power-broker Hollywood talent manager Lyndon Fox’s wife Deirdre hires epileptic LA private detective Scott Brody after a previous private detective she assigned to keep tabs on her husband’s suspected infidelity is killed in Cabo San Lucas when she and her husband vacation there.

An unknown assailant stalks her after she returns home.

A secretive FBI agent named Peltz tells Brody that Lyndon Fox is involved with a cabal burrowed inside the FBI who, with the help of the deep state, are conspiring to take down the president of the United States. Peltz wants Brody to help him obtain evidence to expose Fox, as assailants ramp up their terrorism of the Fox family.

Lyndon Fox is a man not to be taken lightly, but his burning desire to advance his career has terrifying consequences.


Bolt blog

To research my new thriller Bolt I used several sources, including:  ZeroZeroZero by Roberto Saviano, “Crimine-Infinito:  The Complex Structure of the Calabrian Mob” by Roberto Saviano, The Honored Society by Petra Reski, El Narco by Ioan Grillo, and El Sicario edited by Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy.

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Writer of the Month–Lars Kepler

I have just finished reading the latest Joona Linna thriller The Rabbit Hunter.  For the month of July I’m selecting Lars Kepler as the writer of the month.  Lars Kepler is actually the pseudonym for the Swedish writing team of the married couple Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril.

I don’t know if many Americans are familiar with the Joona Linna thrillers written by Lars Kepler.  I haven’t seen any of the books on the New York Times best-seller list.  I don’t think all of the books in the Joona Linna series have been published in the US, though Sara Crichton did publish several.  The Sandman put out by Knopf has been published in the US.  The whole series has been translated into English, however, and is published in Great Britain.  I don’t know why it has taken so long for Lars Kepler to catch on in the US.

I haven’t read all of the thrillers.  I’ve read only The Sandman and The Rabbit Hunter.  I preferred The Sandman, but both of these books are excellent fast-paced blood-soaked thrillers, and I’m eager to read the rest of the books in the series.

If you haven’t read Lars Kepler yet and lust for blood and action-packed suspense in your choice of thrillers, this is the month to try him/her, and you’ll be in for a treat.