Riptide of Fear available now on Kindle

A serial killer seeking revenge against his former partner.

A young woman having a nervous breakdown.

A cop under pressure to make a bust.

The Me Too movement up in arms.

A city on the verge of a riot . . .

All of them swept up in a Riptide of Fear.

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MWA Brouhaha about an Edgar Award

I’m an indie crime thriller writer, and I’m not a member of the MWA. I also haven’t read anything by Linda Fairstein, who is up for an Edgar Grand Masters Award, but I have read Martin Cruz Smith, who has also been nominated for the award, and I know Smith’s a good writer.

Certain individuals don’t want Fairstein to receive the award because as a DA in New York she oversaw the prosecution of the Central Park Five in 1989. 

Since the MWA is a writer’s organization, it should judge the merits of Linda’s writing skills rather than her DA skills. If people have problems with her DA skills, they should address those skills using a forum other than the MWA.

Goodreads Giveaway for The Payout

Enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a chance to win an e-book copy of Bryan Cassiday’s shocking new psychological thriller The Payout.  One hundred copies are available.

A distressed young woman falls under the spell of a homicidal maniac and becomes his partner in a murder plot to collect on his life insurance policy in The Payout.

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James Patterson, Thriller Author

Whether you love him or hate him because of all his fame and millions, which are unheard-of for most writers, James Patterson is a pro who knows how to tell a story and do it well.  His thrillers are consistently entertaining, despite the vast quantity he churns out.

Audiobook Edition of Countdown to Death

We’re taking auditions for the audiobook edition of Bryan Cassiday’s new high-octane thriller Countdown to Death.  Production of the audiobook should commence soon.

1330 Bryan Cassiday ebook COUNTDOWN TO DEATH_S

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New Collection of Short Stories in 2014

Comes a Chopper, a collection of new horror short stories and hardboiled mysteries by Bryan Cassiday will be released in June 2014.  Comes a Chopper is available for preorder at Amazon.

New Cover for Bryan Cassiday’s “Blood Moon”

Bryan Cassiday’s collection of horror short stories Blood Moon:  Thrillers and Tales of Terror is getting a new cover.  Blood Moon is a collection of short stories from the dark side.  They include thrillers, mysteries, horror, suspense, and noir tales.  Featured is the vampire thriller “I Kill of Your Blood.”  Here’s a sneak peek at the new cover.  I want to thank Laura Wright Laroche at for designing this fine cover.  I recommend her work.  She does great work at affordable rates.  If you’re an indie on a tight budget like I am, I recommend her.