Exit Strategy–a new short story to be released Halloween week

In celebration of Halloween, Bryan Cassiday’s new mystery thriller short story Exit Strategy will be published on Kindle next week.

Force of Impact only 99 cents on 9/22/17

What better way to celebrate Fall than with an unputdownable thriller?  On 9/22/17 Bryan Cassiday’s new thriller Force of Impact is only 99 cents on Kindle.

A private detective hired by a disturbed horror writer to find out what happened to his wife becomes ensnared in a diabolical conspiracy involving a secretive Hollywood club that caters to movers and shakers who prefer to wear masks and remain anonymous.

The new thriller Force of Impact is now available on Amazon

Bryan Cassiday’s new breakneck thriller Force of Impact is now available for purchase on Kindle.

Hired to find a disturbed horror writer’s missing wife, PI Ethan Carr becomes ensnared in a nightmarish conspiracy involving wealthy members of a secretive Hollywood club, which requires all members to remain anonymous.

Force of Impact is almost here

In only three more days, Bryan Cassiday’s breakneck thriller Force of Impact will be available on Kindle.  If you can’t wait that long, you can preorder now.

A horror writer’s life spirals into a nightmare when he hires a private detective to investigate his girlfriend’s death in Force of Impact.

Bryan Cassiday’s thriller Force of Impact is Hot and Trending at Kindle Scout

This is the last day to read sample chapters from Bryan Cassiday’s new thriller Force of Impact at Kindle Scout, where it is still on the Hot and Trending list.

A Los Angeles PI hired by a tormented horror author to investigate his girlfriend’s death becomes ensnared in a conspiracy involving an exclusive Hollywood club where the masked members like to play deadly games.