Bryan Cassiday’s Horror Short Story “The Invisible Enemy”

Good news!  I just received news today that my zombie horror short story “The Invisible Enemy” has been selected as one of the ten stories that will be included in Horror Society Stories Volume 1.  Here is the announcement at the Horror Society.

“Boxed” Is Now Available on Kindle

My new zombie short story “Boxed” is now available on Kindle. Seven survivors of a zombie apocalypse are trapped inside an elevator.  One of them tells the others that his wife saw one of the passengers get bitten by a zombie before they entered the elevator. The passengers must identify and kill the victim before he or she turns and starts attacking them.  Will they discover the victim in time or will they kill each other first?

Special Bonus:

The first chapter of the next Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse thriller (Book 5) is included after “Boxed.”


New Cover for Bryan Cassiday’s “Blood Moon”

Bryan Cassiday’s collection of horror short stories Blood Moon:  Thrillers and Tales of Terror is getting a new cover.  Blood Moon is a collection of short stories from the dark side.  They include thrillers, mysteries, horror, suspense, and noir tales.  Featured is the vampire thriller “I Kill of Your Blood.”  Here’s a sneak peek at the new cover.  I want to thank Laura Wright Laroche at for designing this fine cover.  I recommend her work.  She does great work at affordable rates.  If you’re an indie on a tight budget like I am, I recommend her.

New Zombie Short Story on Kindle–The Zombie and the Chess Master

Bryan Cassiday has a new zombie short story and more on Kindle for only 99 cents on Amazon.  Included are three sample chapters from Sanctuary in Steel.  The chess master meets his match in “The Zombie and the Chess Master” by Bryan Cassiday, the author of the new zombie novel Sanctuary in Steel (available in paperback and on Kindle).


“Sanctuary in Steel”–A Zombie Thriller by Bryan Cassiday

Bryan Cassiday’s new zombie thriller Sanctuary in Steel is now available at Amazon.

This is the third entry in the Chad Halverson zombie book series.

Do you believe I was the model for this cover?

You Can Now “Like” My Helter Skelter Book Page on Facebook

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