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New Four-star Review for “Comes a Chopper”

Bryan Cassiday’s horror anthology Comes a Chopper just got a four-star review from Readers Favorite.

“If you are a fan of horror, you’ll get a buzz from this book . . . This book will make a nice little bedtime thriller, and a quick read to pass the time.”–Readers Favorite

Only Two More Months to Go till Alien Assault

Due November 19, 2014.  Preorder now at Amazon. Sci-fi with a twist of horror.

Alien Assault on November 19, 2014

Bryan Cassiday’s new anthology of science-fiction short stories will be released on November 19, 2014.  It is now available for preorder on Kindle.

Mind-blowing science-fiction tales that will scare you to your very core.  Included are stories about alien invasions, time travel, zombie apocalypses, and more.  The human race is always under assault in these stories, and somehow we must survive.

An Antarctic ice station comes under attack by a virus from outer space during a subzero blizzard . . . Venusians subject an earthling to the torture of having to live over and over again his murder trial for the killing of his friend . . . An exorcist suspects a child is possessed, but who is doing it and why?  Is it a demon or something even more terrifying? . . . A Special Forces soldier with a death wish can’t figure out why the government has saved him from his spaceship’s crash-landing.  When he does, it’s too late.

These are but a few of Bryan Cassiday’s apocalyptic stories that take you beyond the realm of reality into the undiscovered country of the horror of the imagination and its territory that knows no bounds.  Destination fear.

Knife-wielding Devil-worshippers

Critical Praise for Comes a Chopper, Bryan Cassiday’s new anthology of horror:

“There simply aren’t enough stories featuring robe-wearing, knife-wielding devil-worshippers these days.  Luckily for you and me, Cassiday includes them in several stories in this collection.”–The Horror Zine

Great Review for “Comes a Chopper” in The Horror Zine

“These stories feature an engaging surreal atmosphere, almost Borges-ian in tone.  Neither the protagonist nor the reader is quite sure what is going on. Each has to interpret the shifting reality for himself.”The Horror Zine

Read the entire review on The Horror Zine.