Jack Higgins

I always look forward to a new thriller from the master of the genre Jack Higgins.  He usually puts out at least one book a year, but I haven’t heard any reports of a new book by him for this year.  I hope he’s in good health and that he’s working on a new thriller.  His Sean Dillon thrillers are always great reads.  Even when they’re not his best, they’re better than any books that other thriller writers are producing.  As far as I know, the last book Higgins published was Rain on the Dead in 2014.

His trademark economy of style and his intricate international plots are always enthralling and will be missed if he has decided to retire.  He is a great writer, and I admire his thrillers.

I think the first book I read by him was Night Judgment at Sinos.  I believe I have read all of his scores of books.  His Sean Dillon thrillers are my favorites.