Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen is an entertaining British crime thriller with a whole lot of c__ts peppered throughout.  Most of them are male.  A lot of double- and triple-crosses in the pot business keep things moving as drug gangs try to muscle in on Matthew McConaughey’s control of the London market.

Review of Gotti (2018)

I saw Gotti. Travolta got Gotti’s mannerisms down pretty well–Gotti’s strut and his arrogance. The plot was all over the place, though. It kept going back and forth in time. I thought the movie was OK–though not in the league of Goodfellas and The Godfather–in the way it pictured mobster life. The problem with Gotti was it generated little suspense because of its lack of structure.

Will you step back from my car? I’m going to start my engine.

I enjoyed the movie American Made.  It’s the fascinating story of the scapegrace pilot Barry Seal who not only worked for the CIA when they were taking on the Sandinistas in Nicaragua but for Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cocaine cartel. Tom Cruise has a blast playing Seal, who becomes involved in all sorts of political skullduggery as he makes himself rich plying his aviation skills to work for anybody that will meet his price, whether they be crooks or politicians.

Best line: “Will you step back from my car? I’m going to start my engine.”