Creepy Clowns

There’s nothing scarier than creepy clowns.  Evil clowns have a special place in hell.  When I was a kid, I recall seeing a George Reeves Superman episode on TV that had an evil clown in it.  The evil clown unnerved me.  It was scary watching this bad clown robbing banks and threatening Superman with a gun.  To this day I can still recall that episode, but have trouble recalling any of the other ones.  It just shows what a deep impression an evil clown makes on children.  A clown is supposed to be your funny friend.  When it turns out he’s just the opposite, it’s truly appalling.  It’s like Kevin McCarthy finding out his girlfriend is now one of the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers when he’s hiding in the mine shaft with her.  It’s like the kid in Invaders from Mars finding out his parents are working for the Martians . . .

Which begs the question, why are so many of these creepy clown sightings occurring?  Not a day goes by without a creepy clown sighting on the news.  Bad clowns jumping on the back bumper of a school bus.  Bad clowns wielding chain saws and terrorizing people in a park in London.  They’re all over the world.

Halloween’s approach is probably flushing these creepy clowns out of the woodwork, but who knows? The only thing I know is when funny becomes scary, it’s twice as scary.

If you see a guy dressed in a clown suit standing on the street with a shock of red hair and a big red nose and oversized shoes and a chalk white face, I say it’s a good idea to avoid him.