Ghislaine Maxwell Spotted in LA

Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted at an In ‘n’ Out Burger in LA reading The Book of Honor:  The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Officers, a nonfiction book about the CIA by Ted Gup. Now if you try to buy the paperback on Amazon, it’s out of stock because the book is flying up the charts. Isn’t it amazing how one little photograph in the paper can affect sales of a book? Could Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have had anything to do with the CIA? In any case, she’s probably here in LA to cut a movie deal in Hollywood about her life story.

Will you step back from my car? I’m going to start my engine.

I enjoyed the movie American Made.  It’s the fascinating story of the scapegrace pilot Barry Seal who not only worked for the CIA when they were taking on the Sandinistas in Nicaragua but for Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cocaine cartel. Tom Cruise has a blast playing Seal, who becomes involved in all sorts of political skullduggery as he makes himself rich plying his aviation skills to work for anybody that will meet his price, whether they be crooks or politicians.

Best line: “Will you step back from my car? I’m going to start my engine.”