Force of Impact reviewed by Kirkus

Bryan Cassiday’s crime thriller Force of Impact scored a great review at

“A fast-paced detective novel, enhanced by exceptional characters and a striking ending.”–Kirkus Reviews

Force of Impact is the fourth book in the Ethan Carr PI thriller series.  The previous entries are, in chronological order of their publication:  Countdown to Death, Dying to Breathe, and Wipeout.

Force of Impact is available on Kindle.

Force of Impact

Review of The Sandman

I highly recommend the crime thriller The Sandman by the Swedish writing duo known as Lars Kepler.  The authors never let up on the throttle in this relentless and bloody shocker.  The suspense mounts as an evil character locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane still manages to terrorize everybody he comes in contact with.  This is the best thriller I’ve read so far this year.  I’m going to make a point of reading another entry in the Joona Linna series, of which this is book 6.

Force of Impact to be an audiobook

Bryan Cassiday’s explosive crime thriller Force of Impact starring Ethan Carr PI is now being produced as an audiobook.  The audiobook should be wrapped some time this summer.  Join Carr as he investigates an exclusive Hollywood club that caters to the rich and powerful, who could be covering up a murder.


The Bus Stops Here and Other Zombie Tales

We just wrapped on the production of the audiobook version of The Bus Stops Here and Other Zombie Tales.  It was submitted to quality control and should be available in the near future at Amazon.  These are terrifying stories from the apocalypse, sure to send tingles down your spine.

bus stops here-audiobook

Unhinged now available as an audiobook

Bryan Cassiday’s collection of horror stories Unhinged: Tales of Madness and Horror is now available as an audiobook at Amazon.

That scream of horror you hear may be your own as you listen to these spine-tingling stories.

Unhinged ACX cover

Ghost Stories is a horror anthology film

I saw Ghost Stories. I found some of the stories spooky, even though they don’t seem to come to anything.  Toward the end of the movie, things get really weird, and I wondered what was going on.  I don’t want to ruin the movie by giving away the ending, so my lips are sealed.

The movie reminds me of those old Amicus horror anthologies like Torture Garden and Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, both directed by Freddie Francis. I really enjoy these two Amicus movies, and there are several more British movies in this format that I like. They ought to make more anthology movies like this. How about some more Hollywood movies like Dan Curtis’s Trilogy of Terror with that Zuni fetish doll that menaces Karen Black? That thing really gave me the creeps when I was growing up.