Westworld Comes to TV

Westworld on HBO is an interesting series with potential, although I find it confusing. Where are the humans that patronize the theme park?  It seems like everyone in the theme park is a robot.

In the Michael Crichton movie of the same name, the heroes are the humans that visit the park and are subsequently terrorized by the robots that go berserk, namely, Yul Bryner’s black-outfitted gunslinger character.

The only humans in the television series are the ones that service the robots.  Apparently, we are supposed to root for the robots as they slowly become conscious and decide they don’t like their programed fates.

Still, if humans don’t patronize the theme park and interact with the robots, what’s the point of building it?  Where’s the fun in it?

The patrons of the theme park should make an appearance.  If they’re already there, I can’t tell them from the robots.  How are we supposed to know who’s a robot and who’s a human patron?  The only humans we’ve seen are the repairmen and the scientists that created the robots.  Then again, maybe they’re robots, too.  In which case, who created them?


Alien Assault to be an audiobook

Alien Assault, Bryan Cassiday’s collection of science-fiction short stories, will soon be released as an audiobook. Horrifying sci-fi stories with an edge narrated by D.G. Chichester.
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