Audiobook Edition of Countdown to Death

We’re taking auditions for the audiobook edition of Bryan Cassiday’s new high-octane thriller Countdown to Death.  Production of the audiobook should commence soon.

1330 Bryan Cassiday ebook COUNTDOWN TO DEATH_S

Buy the paperback edition of Countdown to Death at Amazon now.

Countdown to Death is available for preorder

Bryan Cassiday’s high-octane new thriller Countdown to Death is now available for preorder at Amazon. Los Angeles private detective Ethan Carr is sucked into a vortex of hackers, cabals, and assassination plots.

New Collection of Short Stories in 2014

Comes a Chopper, a collection of new horror short stories and hardboiled mysteries by Bryan Cassiday will be released in June 2014.  Comes a Chopper is available for preorder at Amazon.