Unhinged by Bryan Cassiday now available for preorder on Amazon

Bryan Cassiday’s collection of his all-new horror stories Unhinged:  Tales of Madness and Horror is now available for preorder on  Amazon.

Unhinged consists of ten stories that plumb the subterranean depths of the human mind to uncover the horrors that lie within. These stories plunge you into a world of murder, mayhem, and psychosis where anything goes and your worst nightmare could be lurking around the next corner in the guise of something as innocuous looking as a ventriloquist’s dummy, where even an insane asylum offers no refuge.

Shadows and Teeth Volume Two wins another award

I am pleased to announce that Darkwater Syndicate’s Shadows and Teeth Volume Two, which includes my short story “Boxed,” has just won another award to go along with the International Book Award it won for best adult horror fiction anthology 2017.  This time around, Shadows and Teeth Volume Two, won FAPA’s President’s Gold Medal for horror fiction 2017.  Check out the Florida Authors’ and Publishers’ Association press release here.


Shadows and Teeth Volume Two–a new horror anthology

Bryan Cassiday’s horror story “Boxed” is included in the new anthology Shadows and Teeth Volume Two.  Don’t miss it.

Prepare for extreme horror. This unique collection of ten stories features a range of international talent: award-winning authors, masters of horror, rising stars, and fresh new voices in the genre. Take care as you reach into these dark places, for the things here bite, and you may withdraw a hand short of a few fingers.

In “Boxed,” a group of strangers trapped in an elevator run short of time and bullets as they attempt to discover who among them is infected with a deadly plague.

Buy it now at Amazon.

New French Edition of My Story “A Way Out”

My horror story “A Way Out,” which first appeared in my anthology Comes a Chopper, has been translated into French and is part of the anthology Tenebres 2015 published by Dreampress.com, edited by Benoit Domis.  If you want to read “A Way Out” in the original English, check out a copy of my Comes a Chopper at Amazon. It’s the last story in the collection.

New Four-star Review for “Comes a Chopper”

Bryan Cassiday’s horror anthology Comes a Chopper just got a four-star review from Readers Favorite.

“If you are a fan of horror, you’ll get a buzz from this book . . . This book will make a nice little bedtime thriller, and a quick read to pass the time.”–Readers Favorite

Knife-wielding Devil-worshippers

Critical Praise for Comes a Chopper, Bryan Cassiday’s new anthology of horror:

“There simply aren’t enough stories featuring robe-wearing, knife-wielding devil-worshippers these days.  Luckily for you and me, Cassiday includes them in several stories in this collection.”–The Horror Zine