Best Horror Movies of the Year 2013

Of the movies I saw this year I pick the following as the best horror flicks of the year (but not necessarily in this order) . . . and the winners are:  World War Z, Mama, The Conjuring, and Last Days on Mars. If your favorite isn’t on this list, I probably either didn’t see it or forgot it came out during 2013.

World War Z has great beginning scenes as the city erupts into panicking, rioting citizens during the initial assaults of the zombies.  These opening scenes of horror-stricken mobs reminded me of Spielberg’s version of H. G. Welles’s War of the Worlds.

Mama is creepy with the title character skulking around in the background of the house, walking around on the ceiling, etc., as she haunts the tenants and kills numerous guests she doesn’t like.

The Conjuring isn’t as good as its precursor, but it’s still scary.  For sure, I don’t ever want to go down alone into a basement again.

Probably nobody ever saw Last Days on Mars, which isn’t surprising.  It didn’t show in many theaters because it was a low-budget indie and as a result got limited distribution.  It has a good script with claustrophobic moments on a space station on Mars as bacteria attacks the crew.


“Kill Ratio” Zombie Book Cover

Here’s a sneak preview of the book cover for Bryan Cassiday’s newest Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse book Kill Ratio.  Kill Ratio is due to be released on July 9, 2013.

Available for preorder at Amazon.


New Zombie Apocalypse Book “Kill Ratio”

Bryan Cassiday’s newest Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse book Kill Ratio will be released on July 9, 2013.  It is already available for preorder at Amazon.

As soon as the cover design is available I will post it here.