Favorite Bookstore

What was your favorite bookstore when they had bookstores?  Mine was Brentano’s. There was a big one in New York on Fifth Avenue, where my father used to go and buy me books when I was a kid.  In LA there was a good one in Century City, which I patronized.  I liked the bags they used for the books they sold at Brentano’s.  Sadly, bookstores are a dying species with only one major chain left–Barnes & Noble.

I have no problem buying books from Amazon on the Internet, though.  It’s very easy, and you don’t have to spend money on gasoline.  I can’t complain, except they don’t use bags anymore to pack books.  They use pasteboard.

Zombie Flash Fiction by Bryan Cassiday



Bryan Cassiday

I know that I am different from everyone else.  I know that I can never sleep, dream, feel anything for anyone.

The only thing I feel is hunger, a gnawing hunger that never dies, hunger that consumes me as well as every living thing I eat and the blood I drink from their pumping hearts.


Copyright 2013 by Bryan Cassiday


New Chad Halverson Zombie Book in 2013

It’s official.  The next book in Bryan Cassiday’s Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse series will be released later this year.  When I know the exact date, I will let you know.  Keep checking back with this blog for further details.

The Self-Publishing Paradox

If you really want to make slathers of cash being a writer, write books about how to be a writer.  Do you think I’m joking?

I got an e-mail yesterday from Amazon about a book called APE, which I never heard of. I found out that the book was written by a man named Guy Kawasaki and is a big seller on Amazon.  APE is all about self-publishing.

It always amazes me that the people who write about writing make scads of money while other writers, especially those who write fiction, go begging.

Paradoxically, there seems to be an insatiable appetite among the reading public for books about how to self-publish, but a dearth of appetite for books that are self-published.

As I write this blog on February 26, 2013, APE has accumulated over three hundred five-star reviews on Amazon.  The first review (which is also five stars) is written by Chanticleer Book Reviews.  I thought Amazon had a company policy about not publishing reviews that are paid for.  According to its Web site, Chanticleer Book Reviews charges fees for its reviews.

I’m not knocking APE.  I haven’t read it.  I’m not reviewing it.  There are thousands of these types of self-help books about self-publishing on the market.  I’m sure some of them are better than others for what they provide.  I’m only noting that if you want to write for money, and the greed in you is stronger than your creative drive, you would be better advised to write and self-publish a book about self-publishing rather than to write and self-publish a work of fiction.

That said, Samuel Johnson once famously remarked, “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.”