Ben Affleck in the news for groping Hilarie Burton

Here’s my Ben Affleck story since he’s in the news, for all the wrong reasons (i.e., being Harvey Weinstein’s buddy and groping Hilarie Burton).  Hilarie Burton’s story of Affleck’s louche conduct with her rings true.  I know what it’s like to be humiliated by Ben Affleck. He used to be one of my customers in my old job delivering the mail, and I said hello to him once because I saw him in the lobby of his production company where he used to park his Harley (yes in the lobby), and he gave me that Hollywood look that said, who are you, and am I, a famous movie star, supposed to know you? And he said nothing, just looking at me like that, making me feel like something he stepped in.  Then again, there might be another explanation for his response–maybe his true personality is as wooden as his performances.