Blood Drive review–Bloody Good

Blood Drive is a wild and crazy show on the SyFy network.  It’s a brutal grindhouse series reminiscent of the Walter Hill movie The Warriors and Quentin Tarantino flicks.  Unlike Tarantino flicks, and to its credit, it doesn’t contain long spiels of banal dialog.  It doesn’t have time for endless dialog.

The cars in Blood Drive are something else.  You see, they don’t run on gas; they run on human blood.  After all, what can you expect in 1999?  Say what?  1999?  I must have been asleep that year.  Oh well, the first episode was ludicrous fun with a plethora of action, violence, and oceans of blood.  Whether the rest of the episodes can maintain the churning momentum remains to be seen.  (How many times can you watch humans being fed into car engines amid blood splatter?)  But so far, so good.  This show has plenty of energy and brazen panache abetted by a driving rock score, all of which I found refreshing.  And then there’s Christine Ochoa, the most vicious of the bloodthirsty racers.  How can we forget her?