Pop Lit to Replace Photos of Nude Women with Eye-popping Figures?

Playboy is no longer going to run glossy color photos of nude women in its pages.  What will the editorial staff put in their place?  Glossy photos of the Grand Canyon sandwiched between pages of hackneyed writing?  The articles and the fiction inside the pages of Playboy were never its long suit.  Even if you wanted to read the writing, it was virtually impossible to concentrate on the written word with the photos of nude women popping out at you.  I predict the magazine will go belly-up within two years with nothing going for it now.  When you take away the nude women, the Playboy logo of bunny ears stands for nothing.  To save the magazine, the editors will now have to come up with a way of attracting decent writers to compose for them if they want to become a purveyor of pop literature instead of a purveyor of photos of nude women with eye-popping  figures.