Game Plan

For my next book, which is an apocalyptic science-fiction thriller, I am going to do things a bit different than I’ve been doing.  I’ve been self-publishing my zombie books and haven’t been submitting them to agents beforehand.  (My new book is not a zombie book, by the way.)  This time around, I will send queries to a score of agents that handle apocalyptic thrillers to see if they would like to represent my newest novel.  If they show no interest, all is not lost.  I will self-publish.  The book is ready to go.  It only needs to be proofed, which I will do when the time comes.

I started e-mailing queries to literary agents over a month ago and have received a few e-mails in return expressing lack of excitement on their part.  Many agents say they will not respond unless interested.  It doesn’t look encouraging.  I expect I will not hear from the majority of them that I have sent to.  I’m not going to wait a year to hear from them, though.  If I haven’t heard from them in a month, I’m writing them off.  These gatekeepers are not going to prevent my book from being published.

My book will get published, regardless of the opinions of certain agents.